Fifty Shades Freed Beats Peter Rabbit At The Box Office, Collects $38 8 Million In The Opening Weekend

Four weeks ago, I stated that it was the busiest week of the year and in a long time overall, as 11 new entries and one re-entry made it to the Singles Top40. But forget about all that, because this week it’s been much busier and much more intense. Usually it’s only that busy during ESC week, when all the entries arrive on my charts. If I remember correctly, it was “Alone” that went to #1 on your charts once you checked out the album, right? So I’m obviously not surprised to hear that… but for lots of people “Strangers” was the obvious choice, plus it has the most amount of views on YouTube for its Audio video. Anyways, “Alone” still is a good choice and I also see lots of hit potential in it.

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” the best-selling novel that’s promoted as a tale of erotic romance, actually perpetuates the problem of violence against women, a new study finds. Much like her character in «Fifty Shades Freed,» Fay Masterson is a very quiet and private person. Fay — who portrays Christian’s housekeeper, Gail Jones — is reportedly a married mother of two daughters, but has not revealed much else about her personal life. Arielle Kebbel hasn’t found «the one» yet but is rumored to have dated some of the industry’s most eligible bachelors.

The bulk of the film introduced us to this world in the uncomfortable setting of a crowded theater, and it glamorized the dominant-submissive relationship by appealing to more female-friendly sex scenes. Over the course of a few minutes, though, everything we had come to know about the softer side of BDSM was shattered as Anastasia is frozen in pain under the crack of a belt. In these minutes, BDSM went from an intimate and stimulating experience to an abusive one. While this juxtaposition makes for an interesting story — if that’s your thing — barely any time was given to the repercussions of this darker side.

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The «Bring Me To Life» performance was nice, but the song itself was never one of my faves, which is why it wasn’t a standout on the concert for me. Also, i like the ‘Synthesis’ version of the song even less than the original, and if one would have made it onto my list, it would have been the ‘Synthesis’ version . It wasn’t that far off though as i considered it to make it, but there were so many other new songs out last week that i had to leave it out.

After a brief exchange, Grace leaves, and Christian takes a business call. Ana notices Jose has called her again, much to Christian’s dismay. He gives Ana the BDSM contract and urges her to read it carefully and do internet research about BDSM so she can make a fully informed decision. After a short sleep, Ana finds Christian playing a sad song on his piano. He says he can’t sleep because he isn’t used to sleeping with anyone else. They go back to his bedroom and fall asleep together.

They flirt, and she realizes that if she stays any longer, they will wind up having sex in the dining room. She gets up to leave, and he embraces her and pleads with her to spend the night with him, but she refuses which frustrates him. The valet brings Ana’s car around, and Christian is appalled that she is driving an old Beetle which he feels is very unsafe. She assures him that she’s fine with it, and they part ways. When she gets home, she reads an email from Christian saying that he hopes she will take him up on his offer because he really wants to make it work with her. She gives him a blow job , and he goes down on her and has sex with her while her hands are tied together with one of his neck ties (the gray one that’s on the cover of the book).

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Christian lets her know that they did not have sex, but he did undress her and sent her clothes to be cleaned because they were splattered with vomit. She showers and they discuss the events of the previous night (her drinking, Jose’s advances, the expensive books, etc). He sent her the books as an apology, and because he can’t seem to stay away from her despite not wanting a romantic relationship. They discuss her future plans to apply for internships and move to Seattle after graduation.

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We can’t say how much of those desires actually made it to fruition, but if the proliferation of sex toy injuries is any indication, the phenomenon wasn’t just in readers’ minds. Very glad to hear that you’re enjoying “My Immortal” as well! As for the other entries… I think you know “Lithium”, as it’s a single of “The Open Door”. “My Heart Is Broken” and “Lost In Paradise” were singles from their third album “Evanescence”, while “Imperfection” is from “Synthesis”. Actually, it was the very first time I went to a concert just by my own. But it was good that way, as I need to enjoy Evanescence on my own, as I have some really special connections to a few tracks by them.

He rests his hand over mine and smiles his shy smile. Itake a deep, healing breath and slowly begin to calm. Fifty Shades of Grey author E L James retweeted the news. For Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, principal photography was to commence in June in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This was later to be impossible, due to the script being unwritten at that moment. In November 2015, Universal Studios announced that both films would be shot back-to-back with principal photography scheduled to commence in early 2016.

The entire character development between the two lead characters is another joke and after a while you really can’t buy into any of the melodrama and you’ve just got to sit back and laugh. For most of the time, it looked like Auri would get a third week atop the charts, but “The Space Between” dips 1-2 now, followed by a second new entry. Canadian R&B-singer The Weeknd is finally back with new music, as he just dropped a six-track-EP called “My Dear Melancholy,”, which spawned the single “Call Out My Name”. Apart from his collaboration with Ariana Grande on her “Love Me Harder”, he has yet to reach the top spot with a song on his own, but “Call Out My Name” becomes his seventh Top5 arrival at #3. I also remembered that you told me that you were doing it too, so that was an inspiration as well, but since my motivation to play isn’t the biggest overall , I think these limits only make the motivation even smaller so…

They engage in some with her being shackled from the ceiling, fondled with a riding crop, and then fucked up against a wooden cross on the wall. Despite her exhaustion, he has sex with her a second time, this time doggie-style with her hands tied together with a cable tie that he bought at Clayton’s. With such excitement, Ana squirts all over Christian. Universal’s Fifty Shades Freed, the third in its series, has performed exceedingly well in the Box Office. As per the latest reports, Fifty Shades Freed has collected $38.8 Million in its opening weekend and has topped the box office collection. The movie was released at 3, 678 locations and has dominated the North American movie going this weekend.

Very delighted to hear that feedback for Auri’s «The Space Between»! Especially the chorus is so haunting, and i’m glad you checked it out & liked it so much. Their album just came out, so the song will rise again on next weeks chart… Glad you’re loving «My Immortal» – it’s such a stunning song. Surprised to hear «What You Want» is in your Top3 though, as it’s even my least favorite single of «Evanescence» – but i still enjoy it a lot. Basically, all singles are able to get onto my charts, but it definitely depends on what i enjoyed and what not.

For those curious what the film’s bedroom scenes really involved, take a look here. Behind the Shades (HD, 19 ½ min.) – The cast and crew talk about the process of bringing author E.L. James, Producer Dana Brunetti, Director Sam Taylor-Johnson, and members of the cast, including Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. In addition to this combo pack, there are a number of retailer exclusives out there if you can find them. The nicest of these is probably Target’s Deluxe version, which includes everything in the standard combo pack, plus more than 30 additional minutes of bonus content and a journal and pen inside exclusively designed packaging. Target is also offering a version with just the additional bonus content, but minus the exclusive packaging and journal/pen set.